Strip Spin-the-Bottle with Leilani, Tessa, Jake, and Jesse

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We’ve seen Tessa and Leilani before, but never together. Now they’re here, and they’ve brought their boyfriends, Jesse and Jake. We’ve got two petite girls and two tall dudes playing a series of stripping games, starting with a simple game of Spin the Bottle. Well, sort of. I was bored and I’m a programmer and a geek, so I whipped up a digital version of the classic game. It’s Spin the Bottle for the 21st century. And it avoids the ambiguity of having the bottle land between two players.

One of the girls tries to crouch behind a table to hide as she’s gradually stripped, but the others make her stand up. One of the guys tries to count his shoes as an article of clothing but the girls are having none of it and make him take off something real. As the clothes come off, the girls admire each other’s underwear, as girls do. The game was played completely fairly, with no cheating or fixing. Even though I built in a mechanism to allow me to rig the spins (of course) I didn’t use it.

The winners grab a camera, and the losers have to pose however they want and put on a show for them, and us. They’re made to sit on a chest with legs open and everything on the show while the winners get some nice close-ups. Then they have to turn around and show their bums and bend over for some more close-ups. And they have to spread apart their naughty bits for even more explicit views. The losers groan as everything they’ve got is put on display and captured on film. Revenge is promised.