Strip Darts with Jake and Jesse (ft. Leilani and Tessa)

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Jake and Jesse bet their girlfriends in this high-stakes game of Strip Darts. (It’s actually a magnetic toy dartboard. I wanted to use a more serious game, but it’s Tobi’s house and she didn’t want her walls pierced by errant darts.) Whoever wins each round gets to take a piece of clothing from the loser’s girl, and the ultimate winner gets to take the loser’s girl, period. Meanwhile, the loser is strapped naked to the Greyjoy Cross, helpless to do anything but watch as his girlfriend’s body is used as a plaything by the winners.

Leilani wears a “bra” that’s all straps and no cups, presumably to distract her opponent. Does it work? Maybe. While the winner’s girlfriend helpfully straps the loser into the cross and cuts off all of his clothes with scissors, the loser’s girlfriend has to go down on her knees in front of the triumphant winner. She stalls (a lot) but in the end has no choice but to suck that dick and choke on it too. The winning girl squats on the loser’s face while she lies on her back and gets fucked. She’s apparently pretty good at eating pussy. Then they all roll over, and the loser is eating the winner from behind while getting fucked doggie-style. The loser keeps on eating while the winner fluffs her boyfriend. (Nothing to be ashamed of, dude. Amateur guys often have trouble getting the job done on camera.) The winner gets one girl’s mouth on his cock with the other’s on his balls, and then the other way around. He finishes himself off with a huge load all over her face and mouth. I bet that her boyfriend isn’t going to get laid for a month.