Strip Earth and Fire with Nancy, Dylan, and Carmen

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Wild Dylan is back with her Latina BFF Carmen, sporting her new blue hair. They’re joined by their friend Nancy to play a sexy game with a painful forfeit.

File this one under “unclear on the concept.” If you’re new here and aren’t familiar with the game of Earth and Fire, the whole point is to force one of your opponents to orgasm. Two players are chosen randomly to spend a fixed amount of time stimulating the other to try to make her cum until time expires, then the cycle repeats with slightly more time for the two players on “offense” to attack their victim. Clearly, the best strategy is to work the victim fast and hard to try to push her over the edge as quickly as possible. These three just didn’t seem to get it and did each other slowly and tenderly despite me interrupting them more than once to explain the game. Plus, they kept hitting Marvin (the device that chooses the victim and keeps the time) so hard that he’d reset. Oh well. At least we get to see three cute girls having sex with each other, and they do use their mouths and tongues on each other.

The loser gets her ass whooped by the winners, which I’d think would make the girls take the game seriously, but no. The loser’s pussy pokes out from between her legs as she bends over to receive her punishment, first with a spatula and the with our wooden paddles. The loser, with her now-red ass, shows really poor sportsmanship, retaliating by spanking the winners. The loser and a winner ended up chasing each other around the room with paddles until we had to tell them to put them down before somebody got injured.