Strip Pirate Penguins with Julie, Sassy, and Amber

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Three veteran favorites return to play Pirate Penguins, our game of balancing penguins on a tippy ship. One of the girls turns out to be very bad at this game, and one turns out to be very good. At least until she starts bragging about how good she is and that she hasn’t lost a single thing. They never learn, do they? Karma is such a bitch.

The loser’s naked body gets completely covered in baby oil. And there’s a lot of it, dripping off her erect gumdrop nipples. It’s not especially warm, either, and it tickles. The loser ends up very, very shiny. After the winners have their fun, it’s off to the shower, where the loser finds out that it’s not that easy the clean oil from your skin. She’ll smell like baby oil for a week, but at least her skin will be nice and smooth.