Strip Torange with Sassy, Julie, and Amber

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It’s time to welcome back again three of our favorite veterans to play a game of Strip Torange. And this time, there’s a twist. Each girl is only wearing three garments. And after they’ve lost two of them, the next loss costs them a wedgie. Yes, their two opponents give the loser a giant atomic wedgie. The next loss means the winners another wedgie, only this time in the front. Her pussy lips get shoved apart by her own underwear working its way deep into their crack. The girls do a pretty good job making the wedgies count. (Sadly, the losers pull their panties out of their various cracks as soon as they can. Next time I’ll make sure to tell them that the losers have to continue to play with their underwear firmly lodged deep into whatever crack they’re in.)

It’s a long game at 18 minutes. One of the girls is a dirty cheater, trying to use “ham” and “sticks” in the category of Something Round, and “Phiona” in the category Girl’s Names. The others call her on it a few times. The loser gets bound to the Greyjoy Cross and ticklevibed. Amber has never been on the cross before nor even seen it, and she’s curious. The loser of the game squirms on the cross as the others attack her with the vibrators. (“Ticklevibe” is supposed to mean tickled and vibed, but the winners misunderstood and tickled her with the vibrators. That’s another thing I need to make clear before the game.) The winners leave the loser bound to the cross, where she remains despite her efforts to escape. And she’ll stay there for the next game with her nude, bound, and helpless body will serve as a target for the winners.