Strip Mogadishu with Tessa and Leilani (ft. Jesse)

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Tessa and Leilani are here to play Strip Mogadishu. It’s been a while since I’ve explained the rules, so here I go again. The game is like Rock-Paper-Scissors, except with five possible throws instead of three. They are:
Earth: closed fist
Air: flat palm
Fire: two outstretched fingers in the shape of a V
Water: three outstretched fingers in the shape of a W
Man: one outstretched finger

You might notice that Earth, Air, and Fire look a lot like Rock, Paper, and Scissors, and they were the same way as far as what beats what. So:
Earth smothers Fire, like Rock, crushes Scissors
Fire consumes Air like Scissors cut Paper
Air erodes Earth-like Paper covers Rock
The other two throws work like so:
Water erodes Earth
Water quenches Fire
Air evaporates Water
Man drinks Water
Man breathes Air
Earth crushes Man

Each throw beats and is beaten by two others. Frankly, I’m pretty proud of this game. Teach your friends.

Now that that’s out of the way, on with the video. Jesse watches the game with avid interest because I felt sorry for him having lost Episode 626 (spoiler) so I decided to award him a pity-blowjob from the loser of this one. If you’ve been following Lost Bets Productions, you know that one of these girls has had terrible luck, finding herself on the losing end way more often than chance would dictate. This game was no exception as she lost over and over again and got pretty pissed about it. She complained that the game must be rigged, but I assure you it was not. The winner teases her by saying that while Man breathes Air, the loser breathes dick. I felt so sorry for her (what can I say, I’m a softy) that I let her count things as clothing that I normally wouldn’t. It didn’t help.

The winner grabs a camera to get pictures as the loser goes down on her knees to perform her forfeit. She’s a tiny girl facing a big dick and needs to stretch out her mouth to accommodate it. Jesse takes the camera and gets some great POV shots of the loser with his dick in her mouth. After losing 626 and watching his girlfriend’s body get taken by Jake and Leilani, Jesse is frustrated and horny of, which she proves by giving the loser a mammoth facial and getting cum all over her chest and tits. She needs a shower, but I, cruel bastard that I am, tell her that it has to be a cold one. She manages to get herself clean while shivering under the frigid water and leaves the shower with nipples that could easily cut glass.