Strip Freeze with Dylan, Nancy, and Carmen

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Nancy, blue-haired Carmen, and wild Dylan play a game of Strip Freeze. At least, they try to play it. Carmen seems really unclear on the concept and doesn’t seem to get the game. It’s really simple. There’s a bouncing ball they have to push a button to stop. If they stop it in the green, they win and get to pick somebody to strip. If they stop it in the red, they lose and have to strip. If they stop it in the blue, it’s the next player’s turn, with an expanded red area. That’s not so hard, is it? Nevertheless, she still doesn’t get it.

The loser is the canvas for the winners as they draw all over her with markers. Of course, she gets a dick drawn on her face, along with other things. But since the loser is a poor sport, the winners get drawn on too. Once gets a dick on her thigh, and the other gets a pair of lips on her ass.

By the way, one of the players is wearing a Bitch Pudding shirt. Blam!