Strip Bender with Belle, Tessa, and Zodiac

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Zodiac and Tessa join veteran Belle for a friendly game of Strip Bender. Tessa is wearing a “SAVAGE AS FUCK” shirt but I don’t think she means it. Fuck is much more savage than she is Oh, and as a penalty for losing Episode 618, she’s wearing an internal remote-controlled vibrator, with me holding the controls. It was really fun to make her pussy buzz while she’s playing Bender and trying to keep her balance. You can see her reactions and hear her squeal, but the on-screen overlay is sometimes way out of sync. The girls had a problem understanding the rules (it was late in the day and everyone was getting a bit loopy) so we had to step in to explain them several times. I admit that I was a little frustrated. Don’t take the game too seriously, they certainly didn’t.

The loser gets strapped to the Greyjoy cross and at first, they tickle her with their fingers, and then with wand massagers. The loser is susceptible to both. But then the winners find one particular spot where the massagers seem most effective at making their victim squirm and squeal, and they both attack it. It isn’t long before she’s crying out and arching her back as an orgasm is ripped from her right on the cross. But that doesn’t end her ordeal as the winners keep tickling her and stimulating her tingling vag. By the time they’re done, the loser is left breathless and twitching with her swollen pussy on display as the laughing winners leave her hanging on the cross.