Strip High Card with AngieJo, Jennie, and Cora

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Now return these three amateurs: mature Cora, voluptuous big-booty AngieJo, and Johnny’s ex-girlfriend’s friend Jenny. It’s a simple game of Strip High Card, except the clothes come off in random order. Each girl has a small deck of cards with her clothing on them, and when she loses a round, she has to draw a card and strip off that garment.

The winners get to draw all over the loser with markers, and right away, they go for the tits. The loser gets a smiley face drawn on her ass, with one eye on each cheek. I’ve found that when I give girls they creative freedom to draw whatever they want, the loser invariably ends up with one or more dicks on her body, and this was no exception. The winners have fun decorating the loser, and when they’re done, she gets a well-earned round of applause.