Strip Mogadishu with Roxy and Gracie

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Tarring and feathering were used in Europe and its colonies as a method of punishment and humiliation during the medieval and early modern period. Here at, we’re all about celebrating the history, and we’re bringing it back. Gracie and Roxy are playing Strip Mogadishu (sort of like Rock-Paper-Scissors except with five different throws instead of three) and the loser re-enacts a good old fashioned tarring and feathering, with cotton standing in for the feathers and plenty of sticky, sticky molasses playing the part of the tar.

The winner of each round gets to pick what the loser has to strip. One of the girls is pretty nice to the other when she wins. The other definitely is not. It’s a close game, with the lead switching back and forth, but eventually one of them gets cocky, and as anyone who’s followed knows, being cocky is a nearly certain way of ensuring one’s loss. Pride goeth before a fall.