Strip High Card with Chels and Dee

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Every girl is unique in her own way, but Chels is in a class all her own. If you like ‘em big, if you like ‘em tough, Chels is the girl for you. On the other hand, if you like ‘em with short red hair and big racks, Dee is probably more to your taste. So far, Dee has been forced to expose herself and then masturbate while everybody watched, and she’s just dying to get some payback

It’s a simple game of Strip High Card. The winner of each round gets to take a piece of clothing off the loser, which leads to some interesting taunting. If you ever find yourself in a game like this, be wary of being “nice” and letting your opponent keep the essentials covered until the end. Your kindness may not be reciprocated, as one of the girls learns the hard way. Before a player loses her panties, first she gets a back wedgie and then a front wedgie, which makes it almost a relief when the panties finally come off. Do you know how I said that Chels was strong and tough? That means that when it comes to wedgies, she can both take it AND dish it out. Kind of unfair, really.

The loser gets one solid barehanded spank for each round she lost. First, though, the winner attaches a nifty little vibrating device to the loser. It’s got a stubby little penis that sticks into her twat and a butterfly that buzzes her clit, and it’s held in place with leg straps. And it’s activated by remote control, which the winner demonstrates by turning it on and making the loser flush. She leaves it on, buzzing away, while she carefully counts the number of rounds they played. There she starts spanking, each swat making the loser’s ass (and everything else) jiggle like gelatin. Between spanks she plays with the remote control, experimenting with its different settings as the loser squirms. And the loser had best get used to the vibrator since she has to wear it all through the next game, while I work the remote. We fade out as the winner waves goodbye as the loser is bent over, the vibrator pulsing rhythmically inside her.