Strip Dice with Chels and Dee

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Dee is back to face off against towering Amazon Chels. Seriously, I would not like to meet her in a dark alley. She could easily kick my ass. Anyway, it’s a simple game of Strip Dice, with the added twist that the clothes come off in random order. Each player has a deck of cards with her opponent’s clothing, from which she must draw when she loses a round. The winner gets to strip that piece of clothing from the loser.

Both girls have really big tits, and when they lose their bras the winner picks them up and examines them, announcing their cup sizes. Chels’s bra is so big, in fact, that Dee can wear it as a dress. The game lasts about ten minutes, and it’s a close one.

The loser of the game gets securely strapped down to the bed and the winner gets to sit on her face and vibrate her helpless pussy with a wand massager. After making sure the straps are nice and tight the winner takes her seat and gets to work. The loser’s cries are muffled by the winner’s twat on her face. Her pussy gets wet as her body jerks and she struggles in vain to get free. Her nipples get stiff as rocks as she’s forced to cum, hard and loud. The smirking winner walks off, leaving the loser still strapped to the bed, breathless and exhausted.