Strip I'll Show You Mine with Tessa, Jesse, Jake, and Leilani

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Tessa and Leilani along with their boyfriends Jesse and Jake return to play I’ll Show You Mine. if you’re not familiar, it’s a simple game where there’s a card for each player’s articles of clothing and one card is drawn each round, revealing the garment to be lost. I wrote the digital version of this for our game platform Marvin II, but I forgot to account for the fact that the game might be played by male players, so it only says “[Playername] lost her [garment]”. Which is why one of the players quickly lost her pants and her underwear to reveal her cock, which she waves around suggestively. I’ve since fixed this. By the way, we’ve all seen girls reach under their tops to remove their bras without exposing themselves. It turns out that dudes can do this too when they’re wearing T-shirts under their shirts. Duly noted.

I’ve tried to make all of our wet and messy forfeits different or at least varied. We’ve turned losers into sundaes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot, cakes, tossed salads, pina coladas, and more. But this time there’s something novel: the two losers get turned into those delicious treats made with marshmallows and crisped rice cereal. They get smeared with marshmallow cream and have the crispy rice slathered on. After, the losers give each other a big hug at the request of the winners, although one of them is extremely reluctant to do so.

If you know anything about W.H. Kellog, you know that he’d be absolutely horrified at this misuse of his company’s cereal. Yes, if he were alive today, he’d be spinning in his grave.