Strip Body Shots with Tessa and Zodiac ft. Belle

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You might recall that back in Episode 634, the loser got strapped to the Greyjoy Cross for ticking, and she had to remain there for the next game while the winners shot at her. Well, that was Belle, and now she gets to be the target as Zodiac and Tessa take aim. Tessa is still wearing the remote-controlled vibrator which I was controlling, so if you notice her squealing from time to time, that’s why.

Targets are drawn on Belle’s body for the losers to shoot at. The girls are wearing shirts, bras, panties, and stockings but no bottoms, and since I make the rules I told them that stockings have to come off last. Since we didn’t have a foul line for the girls to shoot behind, the rule was that their butts had to touch the wall as they shot. For the sake of safety, Belle was wearing safety goggles, plus there was a penalty for hitting her above the neck. This doesn’t stop one of the girls (who’s a terrible shot) from hitting her in the face multiple times. Understandably, Belle is terrified as she stares down the barrels of their nerf guns. She directly threatens me and the rest of the crew for putting her in this position. The other girls are unsympathetic and laugh at her pain.

She pleads for mercy as Belle is released from the cross and both she and the winner strap on. They spank her and taunt her, telling her that she’s soon to be a “sore loser”, then they make her go down on all fours as they prepare to give her the business. Sadly, the winner is not very experienced with having her own dick and has trouble finding the hole. And it’s not like the latex cock has any nerve endings so she mostly winds up just pumping away between the loser’s thighs.