Strip I'll Show You Mine with SarahBeth and Stefanie

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Dreadlocked Stefanie (she of 3D scanning fame) returns with SarahBeth to play I’ll Show You Mine. The game is very simple: there’s one card for each piece of clothing the girls are wearing, and each time a card is drawn, that piece of clothing has to come off. It doesn’t actually matter who draws the card, yet whenever I pull out the game the players always bicker about whose turn it is. I always want to grab them and shake them and yell “it doesn’t matter!” but never mind. They’re having fun, which I guess is what counts.

The quick, 5-minute game starts off with one girl on a serious losing streak, but by the end, it’s tightened up significantly.

The loser gets an over-the-knee spanking (I’ve gotten a few requests for that) and after 20 good ass-jiggling swats, she’s nice and pink. The loser also has the Lush (our remote-controlled vibrating egg) inserted by the winner, who gets to play with it a bit. And the Lush is left in place to make the loser squirm through the next game.