Strip High Card with Vincint, Belle, and Julie

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Meet Vincint, a dude with a righteous beard. He joins up with veterans Julie and Belle for a simple game of Strip High Card. Or rather Snip High Card, as the loser of each round gets a piece of clothing cut off of their body with scissors. The ultimate loser is going to get very messy and sticky.

I’ve gotten many requests for a wet-and-messy forfeit where the loser gets the goop poured all over her hair and face. Well, I aim to please, so here you go. Oh, and the goop in question is glue. Good ol’ PVA school glue, the kind with a bull on the bottle, with a little food coloring added to make it look cooler. The players did not want to be covered head-to-toe in this stuff, especially the girls, especially Julie. Too bad for them that it’s going to happen to one of them anyway.

The loser gets covered in the stuff, and the winners laugh as they try to wipe the glue off their face. The colors make a psychedelic pattern, and the loser looks like My Little Pony came all over them, the victim of unicorn bukkake.