Strip Boomsticks with Jesse, Tessa, Leilani, and Jake

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Our fun foursome is back to play a brand new game: Boomsticks. There’s a bunch of little plastic sticks that the players fold into triangles. They’re under a lot of tension (the triangles, not the players) and are just begging to spring apart and fly in the air. The players have to take turns carefully placing them in a tray one at a time until the unstable pile finally explodes. And of course, that player has to take off a piece of clothing.

We’ve got two pretty tall dudes and two pretty short chicks. You’d think the chicks would have an advantage, being closer to the table and all, but it didn’t exactly work out that way. The girls didn’t have it very easy, and one of them resorted to frantically gyrating her topless body to try to distract the dudes. She looks like one of those car dealership balloon dudes. That didn’t work very well for her either but it was still pretty funny, especially when the guys retaliated in kind.

The winners each give each loser five swats with the paddles. Ouch.