Strip I'll Show You Mine with Belle, Julie, and Vincint

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After losing Episode 647, Julie was forced to put on a humiliating show and masturbate in front of her friends Belle and Vincint, at first with her fingers and then with a dildo, and then she was forced to a shattering orgasm with a vibrator. She vowed revenge, and here’s her chance to get it. In the game of I’ll Show You Mine, the players flip over clothing cards, with a garment being removed each round. The last player with any clothes left wins, and the two losers are his or her to do with as he or she pleases.

Julie starts by making Vincint go down on Belle. While he’s distracted with his face buried in pussy, Julie gets herself a strap-on. And the strap-on is going right in… yeah. Poor Vincint. He winces and grunts as Julie penetrates his virgin asshole, pegging him for all she’s worth and working his balls. Ouch. When she’s had her fill, she makes Belle jerk him off. Perhaps because of all the prostate stimulation, he cuts loose with a huge load.