Strip Dreidel with Chels and Dee

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Happy Hanukkah! It’s a little bit late, but Chelstein and Deeberg are here to play the traditional game of Strip Dreidel, with the loser getting the traditional strap-on fucking. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s played with a four-sided top, with four Hebrew characters on it, representing the initials of the phrase ?? ???? ??? ??, meaning “a great miracle happened there.” Each player has a supply of gelt (chocolate coins) and antes some into a. When does the dreidel land on? (gimel) the player “gets” the whole, and on? (he), the player wins “half” the. On ? (nun), “nothing” happens, and on? (shin), then oh “, the player has to put some gelt in the. When a player is out of gelt, of course, she has to strip. The winner gets to choose what she takes off.

Personally, I think I need to tweak the rules a bit for the next time we use this game because using these rules it takes a long time. (I think I’ll try giving the players more gelt but have a coin removed from the game before each spin.) The loser has to bend over and submit to being strapped on from behind, gasping and with her tits swaying.