Strip Mogadishu with Dylan and Tabetha

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She’s back! Dylan, one of our wildest and craziest girls, the kind of girl who always makes me a little nervous when she’s coming by, has brought her friend Tabatha for an evening of games. Tabatha is redheaded, cute, plump, and very nervous about possibly losing her clothes and exposing her chubby body to staring strangers. The girls wear fetching cocktail dresses for this game of Strip Mogadishu. I’ve gone over the rules before, but here’s a quick refresher. It’s like Rock-Paper-Scissors, but with five throws instead of three: Earth (closed ), Air (flat palm), Fire (two extended fingers), Water (three extended fingers), and Man (one extended finger). The rules for what beats what are:

Earth smothers Fire and crushes Man

Air erodes Earth and evaporates Water

Fire consumes Air and burns Man

Water quenches Fire and erodes Earth

A man drinks Water and breathes Air

If you're confused, don't feel bad, neither are the girls. Then again, Dylan starts off confused about the meaning of “on three”. The winner of each round strips a piece of clothing off the loser, although one of them manages to break one of her nails clean off in the attempt.

The loser has to hold five extremely revealing yoga poses while the winner gets to hold a camera on her. Nothing is left to the imagination.