Strip Spin-the-Bottle with Stefanie and SarahBeth

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Do you know those treats? The kind that are made with crispy rice cereal mixed with marshmallow? I love those things. In fact, I think the only way they could be better is if they were smeared on a nude female body. Actually, that gives me an idea…

Stefanie and SarahBeth play Spin-the-Bottle, the electronic version. Naturally, whoever the bottle points to loses a piece of clothing.

The loser mentally takes herself off to her happy place while the winner proceeds to smear her body with marshmallow fluff before sprinkling her down with the cereal. (She ends up getting quite a bit stuck to her own hand, too.) Then it’s off to the shower, and this stuff does not wash off easily. It takes her about 7 minutes to get clean, and she has to enlist the aid of the winner to help wash off her backside.

(note to foot fans: the girls keep their socks on, even in the shower, because of reasons. If this isn’t your cuppa, probably best to avoid this one.)