Strip Memory with Julie, Vincint, and Belle

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It was nice outside when this game was played, and this trio competed to see who would have an embarrassing outdoor adventure. The two losers of this game of Strip Memory had to go masturbate on the front lawn, providing an eyeful for any nosy neighbors. The players were not great at Strip Memory and kept matching their own clothing. Oops. Also, this game featured a first for us: a player having to take their underwear off before their pants. They actually managed to do it, with a little help from a winner.

The winner got a camera to memorialize the show the losers had to put on. Also, FYI: Hippo brought his snazzy new camera drone to be an eye-in-the-sky (a DJI Mavic Pro, for the curious). It got some nifty aerial shots, but it was also very loud, so there’s a persistent buzzing during the forfeit. But the losers did their thing, and as has happened before, the sight of one of them cumming was enough to set off the other.