Strip Elefino with Blossom, Indigo, and Jelly

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Here’s yet another episode that somehow fell by the wayside. Remember these three young amateurs? Indigo and Blossom are at their first-ever naked shoots, having been brought by their friend Jelly, who’s only ever been naked on camera at LostBets. Jelly is still sporting the short-cropped hair she got in Episode 401. They play a giggly game of Elefino. You’d think Blossom would be at a significant disadvantage, being shorter than the other two, and it does start out that way but she gets the hang of it quickly and catches up. The winners get to strip the clothes off the loser, and they are not generous or kind when picking out what to take off. Sometimes, the winners will be nice and take off a loser’s shoes and socks first. Not this time. They go straight for the underwear, and one of the girls looks damn sexy when she ends up completely nude under her sheer, see-through dress.

It’s a fun game, and a long one, lasting 22 minutes. The fact that the winners take pains to expose the losers quickly means that there’s a lot of nudity throughout.

The losers bend over to accept 20 bare-handed spanks each from the winner. Their asses are nice and jiggly.