Strip Pod Stomp with Dylan and Tabatha

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And they’re back. Feisty Dylan is at her feistiest as she returns with her newbie friend Tabetha.

A few months ago, Seattle was hit by a massive snowstorm. And by “massive snowstorm”, I mean “a light dusting that might’ve closed schools for a single day back where I grew up.” Instead, the whole city was basically shut down for the better part of two weeks. People here are really pussies when it comes to snow. I had two scheduled shoots canceled because nobody knows how to drive in the snow. I figured that I might as well make use of the snow during the one shoot that actually managed to happen, so the loser of this game of Strip Pod Stomp had to go out and do naked snow angels on the front yard, like in Episode 263.

The loser of this 8-minute game was not a very good sport and really did not want to do this. It was really cold, so I can’t blame her… oh, wait, yes I can. I deemed her angel insufficient and made her do it a second time.