Strip Memory with Dylan and Tabatha

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Freaky Dylan is back with her chubby redheaded friend Tabatha, to play a game of Strip Memory. And I’m just going to say this right up front: they’re not good at it. I mean, they’re really, really bad at it. They’re each only wearing 4 pieces of clothing, meaning there’s only 16 cards total, and they’re still really bad at it. I’d say they have the memory of goldfish, but in reality goldfish memories aren’t that bad. It’s more like they lack a sense of object permanence: once a card is turned over, its other side ceases to exist and may as well be random. I love these women, and I’m sorry to drag them like this, but it’s the simple truth. You’ll see.

It’s still a fun game with fun players, though. The loser gets 20 smacks to her ass (10 to each cheek) with a leather paddle.