Strip Screw Your Neighbor with Sammy, Vince, Botis, Julie, and Mika

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Once again, I’ve dived deep into the LostBets archives and found a previously-unknown gem. Filmed in 2011, this episode features three of my all-time favorite girls Julie, Sammy, and Mika, playing a free-for-all game of Screw Your Neighbor with their friends Vince and Botis. They’re a very high-spirited group. In retrospect, I needed to make clear to the players that in Screw Your Neighbor, used cards should go in a discard pile, not on top of the deck. The same cards kept coming up over and over again. None of the players noticed.

The winners first get to put the losers through a calisthenics routine, which starts off with stretches. They sit in the splits and stretch forward, then do a cat stretch with their asses arched. We get some nice shots of a loser’s pussy as she stretches. The losers have to do toe touches, facing towards the camera and facing away. Kneeling lunges and kneeling hamstring stretches. And then ten jumping jacks.

Finally, the losers have to masturbate together on the couch. One plays with herself while the other two engage in simultaneous mutual masturbation, playing with each other’s junk. They put on a good show before the winners relent and let them off the hook.