Strip Elefino with Chels and Dee

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The game of Elefino, where you have to scoop up butterflies in a net, usually puts taller players at an advantage, but that isn’t necessarily the case here, because the taller competitor has an additional butterfly in her panties. This episode is being published a little bit out of order, and chronologically it follows Episode 638, which ended with Chels having her pussy buzzed with a remote-controlled vibrator. She had to keep wearing that through this game, and I made sure to keep her distracted. I got called out for it.

At the end of Episode 638, Chels not only got a remote control vibrator attached to her, but she also got a barehanded spanking from Dee, and she wanted the possibility to get revenge for this game. So the loser doesn’t just get spanked, she gets paddled, whacked with our solid wood LostBets paddle. Five good solid swats, leading to a jiggly and reddening ass.