Strip Mogadishu with Ruby and Pearl (ft Dante)

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Introducing two new girls, Pearl and Ruby. (They didn’t come together. It’s just a coincidence that they’re both named for gemstones.) Pearl is a waifish blonde pixie whose weight in pounds is two digits. Ruby is a round-faced redheaded nerd who swears she’s not irish. How much of a nerd is she, you ask? She has characters from Adventure Time and Rick & Morty tattooed on her hip; that’s how nerdy. The two make their debut and are quite a bit nervous about it.

The winner gets to make the loser hold a bunch of embarrassingly revealing poses. But there’s a twist.

Before putting the loser through her paces, the winner gets out her phone and calls our old friend Dante to invite him over. He arrives and is surprised and delighted to see the winner greeting him at the door in her undies only. But he’s even more surprised and delighted when she brings him inside to find the loser, naked and blushing and waiting to be exposed. He gets the pose cards and is amused by just how revealing they are. He calls them the “show us your butthole” poses. The loser has to show off everything she has and demonstrate how flexible she is. Very flexible, it turns out.