Strip Prick-Prick-Bang with Angel and Grace

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Here’s another one I found while digging through old footage looking for episodes that fell through the cracks. There’s tattooed Latina Angel, who first appeared in Episode 238, taking on big-boobed Grace, first appearing in Episode 311. The game is Prick-Prick-Bang, where several plastic rods surround an inflated balloon. The players take turns rolling a cube that has the numbers 1, 2, and 3, and they have to push one of the rods in by the number of clicks they roll. This might have actually been the first time we used this game since I made a mid-game rule change to speed it up.

The loser had to masturbate on the couch with a toy, but in this case “got to” might work better than “had to”. She was feeling horny, and at this point, she’d been the loser at LostBets enough times to be beyond shame. The winner even stripped nude as well to enjoy the show as the winner gleefully played with her clit using the buzzing vibrator.

By the way, Angel was lactating at the time (see Episode 355) and was actually kind of relieved to lose her bra, since her leaky nipples were soaking it with milk and making it uncomfortable to wear.

Also, by the way, Grace seems to have “In Loving Memory of Dave” tattooed on her backside. I don’t know who Dave was (and may he rest in peace) but I do hope that whoever finds himself back there pays his respects.