Strip Croc and Balls with Michelle, Lakota, Hannah, Ashley, and Siren

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Lately, I’ve been combing through old footage and I’ve found some real gems that somehow never got published. Here’s one from way back, featuring Michelle (still with dark hair), Siren, Hannah, and Lakota. And one of our very first and very favorite players, the ever-delectable Ashley. The game is Croc ‘n’ Balls, where the goal is to successfully putt a golf ball into a crocodile’s mouth. If you make it, you get to pick one of your opponents and strip an article of clothing from her. The girls were only allowed to wear three pieces of clothing, which meant they had to choose either a dress with underwear or a top and bottom but missing either bra or panties. All three choices were represented. The girl with no panties also had no pubes, leaving a smooth surprise for the winner who took her pants. Since this is an old game, one of the girls had never lost her top at LostBets before, resulting in her boobie debut.

The girls were actually pretty good at this game until one of them lost and took it upon herself to stand right behind the croc and distract the putter. The game lasted 18 minutes, and the winners still in panties. The winners got to put the losers through a revealing calisthenics routine. There were lunge jumps, butt crunches, “girl pushups” done on the knees, and slow jumping jacks, giving everything time to sway and jiggle before the next one. One of the winners got some great and oh-so-exposing camera shots.