Strip Freeze with Dylan and Tabatha

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Dylan and Tabatha are back to play a quick game of Strip Freeze. Dylan explains the rules, although she seems a little unclear about them. For the record: It’s played using our own gadget, Marvin. They press a button to start a little ball bouncing back and forth, and they press it again to stop. If they land in the green, they win and the other girl has to strip. If they land in the red, they lose and have to strip. If they land in the blue, they’re safe and it’s the next girls turn with a larger red area. Simple, right? The game lasts about 5 minutes, and at the end the winner is Tabatha although both girls get naked. They seem a bit confused about when the game is over, and they keep playing until Hippo reaches in and snatches Marvin away.

The loser has to go down on the winner, who gets a camera to shoot some nice POV shots. She also gets vibed and brings herself to a sticky end.