Lily Trims Her Bush

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Many, many people have asked me to get Lily to offer her bush as a stake in a game. Well, she gives you your answer in this clip, and sadly, it's negative. Don't worry, guys, I'll keep working on her.

Usually, I show clips from a session chronologically, but last week's Tuesday update of Lily vs. Mary vs. Amber was so hot I had to get it out the door. Basketball was not the first game they played, and in fact, the first clip of the day isn't a game at all.

Lily shows up, her girl-girl virginity on the line, and she realizes that she needs a trim, and she invited me to film. I didn't have my lights set up. I didn't care.

Throughout the trim job, Lily talks to you, the viewers. She also tells a joke, which I didn't get until the fifth time I saw it. And most of all, she just... is Lily. Lil' scamp.