Strip Mogadishu Dice with Roxy and Gracie

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Mogadishu is a game I invented a while ago that’s like Rock-Paper-Scissors except with five throws instead of three. They are:

EARTH (closed ): crushes MAN, smothers FIRE
FIRE (two fingers): consumes AIR, burns MAN
MAN (one finger): drinks WATER, breathes AIR
AIR (flat palm): erodes EARTH, evaporates WATER
WATER (three fingers): quenches FIRE, erodes EARTH

Mogadishu Dice is just like that, except instead of throwing your hands you just roll a. To tell you the truth, we mainly came up with the idea because we wanted to fiddle around with creating 5-sided dice. Regardless, here is the game and here are Roxy and Gracie to play it.

The players get to choose what their opponent takes off when she loses. The girls start by “playing nice” and letting each other take off unrevealing pieces of clothing but that ends when one player forces another to lose her bra, exposing her breasts before the camera. After that, anything goes.

The loser is stripped naked to the Greyjoy Cross while the winner gets to have her way with her, with hands and vibrator. The loser turns out to be very susceptible to the wand massager and it isn’t long before she’s shuddering and gasping as her exposed pussy is forced to orgasm.