Strip Freeze with Julie, Hope, Kyle, and Sparrow

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It’s Strip Freeze with three girls and a boy. Just one winner… and the three losers have to be their sex slave. Yowza. Talk about high stakes. If you lose a round by landing in the red, you lose a piece of clothing. If you win a round by landing in the green, you get to pick someone to take something off. As usual, the best strategy is to gang up on someone and get them naked and out of the game quickly, and as usual, the girls ignore this strategy and instead choose to “keep it even”. And as usual, the girls seem to delight in targeting other girls. Oh well. This means we get more skin.

Kyle has really wanted to fuck Sparrow for a while, so his cock stays in her. They do an impressive away of positions, but if you’re hoping to see Julie or Hope get fucked with a flesh-and- dick you’ll be disappointed. I know I was. Sorry.

But Julie does use her own artificial cock to some effect. Hope is nervous about its size but soon is moaning cutely as Julie fucks her from behind while Hope squats and Julie is sitting behind her. Julie is pretty good with a strap-on Then Hope’s own strap-on is sucked by Sparrow, so Hope is filling both male and female roles like a proper futanari.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Sparrow are still getting it on. Kyle sits while Sparrow squats on his cock and twerks her ass frantically. Kyle calls the other two girls over to help, and soon Julie is rubbing Sparrows clit while Hope works her tits. Sparrow arches her back as her pussy and body are stimulated by the girls while Kyle thrusts in her. He orders the other two girls to masturbate on the couch as he picks Sparrow up and plunks her down on his cock. Then he asks to be finished with a blowjob, and Sparrow dutifully compiles. He grabs and squeezes Julie’s hand as he cums, and she looks like she’s gone away to her happy place. He cums in Sparrows mouth, making her gag. As he slumps back, exhausted, Sparrow fans herself while the other two girls giggle. Fade out on a very, very satisfied Kyle.