Strip Screw Your Neighbor with Dante, Cass, Avi, Thomas, and Lydia

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Remember Episode 406? Dante sure does. He was one of the losers who had to crawl naked through a spanking circle, and while the spankers didn’t exactly go easy on anyone, they seemed to take special pleasure in tormenting Dante. The memory still haunts his nightmares, waking him in cold sweat. It’s tragic, really.

But I’ve always believed that a man ought to face his fears. I like Dante, so I wanted to give him an opportunity to do just that. So for the second time, Dante faces the wrath of the spanking circle. It’s a much smaller circle, but the paddles are just as solid. And as he introduces the game, he references the earlier game, and calls out me and the rest of the crew, all of whom were sniggering behind the cameras for some reason.

Speaking of Dante, by the way, I think he’s at the very least bi-curious. While surrounded by naked and nearly-naked women, he makes a joke about blowing a load in Thomas’s face. Definitely a 1-2 on the Kinsey scale. (And Dante, if you ever read this: no shame, man. No shame.)

The game lasts 29 minutes, and the losers are Dante, Cass, and Avi, with Thomas topless and Lydia in panties only. And listen, it’d be impossible to talk about the forfeit without spoiling at least whether Dante won or lost. So if you don’t want spoilers, close your eyes, scroll to the bottom, and buy this clip. Or don’t, if you don’t think it’ll appeal to you. ‘Sup to you.

The losers get down on all fours. Dante is visibly shaken as he prepares for the worst. He warns Thomas to go easy on him. Thomas doesn’t listen. Dante definitely gets the worst of it and goes home with fresh fodder for his nightmares. Sorry, buddy.