Strip Estonian Roulette with Gemma and Marcy ft. Cal

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Usually, that’s masturbation, but this time I decided to mix it up a bit. Sure, masturbating to orgasm in front of the crowd is embarrassing, but both the arousal and the climax can easily be faked. But if somebody else did the masturbating, it'd be much harder for the loser to resist true arousal and climax. So either Gemma or Marcy ends up straddling an armchair, her body quaking uncontrollably as the winner massages her clit with her thumb and plumbs her pussy with her fingers, driving her closer and closer to the breaking point.

The winner of each round takes an article of clothing off the loser. The players are allowed to count their necklaces, but only if it’s her last remaining garment.

The loser spreads her legs, opening her very hairy pussy to the winner. She immediately gets to work on the loser’s pussy, while the loser moans,” I was supposed to be elbow-deep in your twat!” It turns out that the loser’s furry pussy is also very sensitive, and her body starts trembling almost immediately as the winner’s hand caresses her. As the winner works her clit and pussy, the loser’s toes cross and sweat running down her face. She doesn’t last long, and she has an orgasm that leaves her body spasming with aftershocks, lying exhausted and sweaty with the knowledge that hundreds of strangers on the Internet will see her cum.