Strip Snapper with Paige, Katie, and Hollis

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Go fish! Blonde Katie, redheaded Hollis, and brunette Paige try to catch each other's fish, and if you lose all your fish, you lose an article of clothing. Or if all your fish are gone and you have nothing to take off, you're a loser. They play until they have two naked and blushing losers.

And it's not just the faces of the losers that turn red, because the winner gets to paddle both of them. They take it like good sports. And it must be said that all three of these sweet young girls are nice people, so while the paddle's smack is enough to pink their cheeks, it's nowhere near the kind of brutality seen in, says, Episode 362. Still, it's a hot half-naked chick paddling two hot squealing naked chicks. I ain't complaining.