Strip Pirate Pengins with Krystal and Anneliese ft. Trace

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It's the Battle of the Blondes as Anneliese takes on Krystal in a high-stakes game of Pirate Penguins. Trace watches with interest. The loser becomes the plaything of both the winner and Trace.

The rules are that each girl takes turn placing a penguin on the tippy boat. If the penguin she places fall over, or if any penguin falls off the boat, she loses and has to strip. Our gadget Marvin serves as a sort of chess clock, counting down the 20 seconds a girl has to place her penguin before losing by default. After she places her penguin, she hits the button, starting a 5-second grace period. If the penguins fall during the grace period, the girl who placed the penguin loses, but after the grace period expires it's all on her opponent.

Both players are pretty good at this and manage to load a lot of penguins on the boat before it falls. Since the game was taking a while, we decided to forgo the "nude round" where a girl hasn't lost the game until she loses around while already naked.

While Trace strips, he instructs the winner to "warm up" the loser. The loser starts giving Trace a blowjob while the winner fingers her before going down on her. I should point out that the winner isn't the most dominant person and has a tough time ordering the loser to do things. Compare and contrast Helena in Episode 498. That's okay. Trace is plenty assertive enough for both of them. He makes the winner get on all fours, he rubs her pussy, and then he penetrates her from behind while the winner plays with her boobs before reaching in to rub the loser's asshole.

The forfeits are supposed to be punishments, but occasionally we get a loser who's so intensely pleasured by the forfeit that she forgets the ignominy of defeat and gives in the pleasure. This is one such case. The loser cums quickly, and from that point, it's all over for her: she becomes a cock-hungry slut. (Note to anyone who's offended by the terminology: I mean "slut" in the kindest possible way.)

After a lot of hesitation and uncertainty on her part, Trace prods her to make the loser eat her pussy while still getting fucked from behind. Trace pumps her so hard that she can't help but let out a loud queef, which must be embarrassing. Mentioned here for the sake of people who are either very turned off or very turned on by that sort of thing.

Trace sits down and makes the loser ride him reverse-cowgirl style while the winner plays with her clit. Trace then makes the winner kneel and lick his balls while he orders the winner to blow him. (She's the winner, but what the hell. That's what she gets for not being more assertive: a mouth full of dick.) Finally, Trace blows his load all over the loser's face. That's what she gets for not being better at Pirate Penguins.