Strip Panty Hoes with Avi, Lydia, and Cass

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Mmm, pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza? And who doesn’t like seeing pizza delivery dudes surprised and delighted by naked women at the door?

Every pizza guy who’s ever appeared at LostBets has been the real thing. In our very early days, I would intercept the driver on the way to the door and ask if he’d participate. But early on, I dropped that and starting letting the naked girls answer the door cold. I got better reactions that way. But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a driver more overjoyed when the door opened than today’s lucky driver. He was so excited to see the four bare boobs swaying in front of him that I thought he might burst. He even was stoked to be on the Internet when saw our cameras. Wish granted, my friend. Wish granted.

By the way, I’ve probably said this before but I delivered pizzas for a few months in college, and this never happened to me. The most exciting customer I ever had was an elderly lady who liked to give $20 tips on $10 pizzas.


Oh, wait, the game! It’s Panty Hoes, where the players try to knock over water bottles using tennis balls in pantyhose worn on their heads. We had the cameras set up pretty close on this one, meaning that when they bent over to play, their asses are right there. Fans of bent-over booties in close-up should be pleased.

Initially, only one loser was going to have to expose herself to the pizza guy, but one of the girls was dominating the early game and she gleefully suggested raising the stakes and sending two losers to the door. As is usually the case when someone gets too cocky here at LostBets, she immediately started to lose. When will they learn? Never, I hope.