Strip Earth and Fire with Belle Zodiac and Tessa

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Ring in the new year! The new year is upon us, and with the new year, we introduce new girls. Veteran Belle shows newbies Tessa and Zodie how it’s done. Tessa is a tiny Filipina, standing less than five feet (150 cm) and weighing in at a scant 93 lb (42 kg). Zodie is a lavender-haired cutie with interesting tattoos, who for some reason reminds me of Harley Quinn. Neither has much (or any) experience in front of the camera. Both are about to get a very intense lesxon in forced orgasms.

The game is Earth and Fire, where the first one to be forced to cum is the loser. Tessa immediately shows her sensitivity and susceptibility as she squirms while the other two stimulate her. Belle demonstrates her fingerblasting skills on Zodie.

To celebrate the occasion, the loser gets turned into Baby New Year 2018. A pacifier is stuck in her mouth and a cute baby bonnet is tied to her head. She’s given a nice soothing bottle of milk, but then she gets 18 spanks, both to honor the new year and because she’s been a baby.

Then comes the baby oil and an excessive amount of baby powder, and she’s finally ready to be diapered. The winners have some trouble getting the diaper folded but eventually, they get it right. A “2018” banner is draped over the baby as a winner hums the theme to Chariots of Fire. (These girls are way too young to know that movie, so I don’t know where they got that.) Finally, the adults enjoy a champagne toast, some of which splashes onto the baby. But she may get the last laugh, as she sneaks off with the champagne.