Strip Leg Wrestling with Amber and Jennie

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For girls in the know, riding the Sybian isn't much of a penalty to be feared. It can be a mind-shattering experience, and if a girl can get over the embarrassment of enduring one or more massive orgasms in front of cameras for all to see, it's not so bad. In this case, one of the girls was in the know, and she kept gushing about how wonderful a Sybian ride would be and how much she'd want to lose.

To her credit, though, she's a tough competitor and winning means a lot to her, so she gave it her all and did not slack in her bouts of Indian Leg Wrestling. The girls lie hip-to-hip and attempt to flip each other over with their legs. And when the winner puts the loser on that Sybian, the girl is left gasping and crying out, giggling as she cums.