Strip on Spades with Helena, Trace, Pearle, and Violet

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We welcome two more girls to the LostBets roster, Pearle and Violet. Pearle is a curvy brunette with voluptuous natural tits. Also, please note that in this case 'curvy' is not a euphemism for 'obese.'

When we first saw pictures of Violet and her long red hair, we thought she looked a lot like Sophie Turner. When we met her, the resemblance was still there, but her features had a sharpness that reminded us of Carice van Houten. So we nicknamed her Melisansa. Does the carpet match the drapes? Watch and see.

They join Helena and Trace, both of whom have been around the block and are no strangers to LostBets. It's a high-stakes game of Strip on Spades (although Trace erroneously calls it Strip Spades) to two losers. The losers have to submit to the domination of the winners, obeying their commands.

A quick recap of the rules: the players take turns drawing cards. If they draw a spade, they have to strip. If they draw a heart, they get to pick someone else to strip. After taking off a piece of clothing, the loser has to do a twirl to make sure everyone gets a good look before sitting back down. And something happened that I've seen several times in the past: the girls picked on each other a lot rather than ganging up on Trace. I don't get it. When a game has both male and female players and there's a chance for someone to choose someone else to strip, girls will pick other girls quite frequently, while I've only seen guys pick other guys a handful of times. Is there no solidarity among women? Maybe a female fan could explain this to me.

The winner put the losers through their paces, making them both serve their own pleasure and put on a show for the winners to enjoy. We start off with a nice Loser Sandwich, with the losers between the two winners. Trace is made to suck a winner's feet, while the other loser has to suck Tracve's dick while the other winner paddles her. (She uses the wrong side of the paddle. It's designed to make a nice 'smack' sound when you use the other side, damn it.)

Fuck it. I'm not going to keep writing the other loser, the winner, and the other winner.} The remainder of this clip description will contain even more spoilers. Stop here if you don't want to know.

Then everyone reverses direction: Pearle gets her feet sucked by Violet, who's getting eaten by Trace, who's getting spanked by Helena. The winners are gleefully enjoying themselves when they decide it's time for a show. They order Trace to fuck Violet while they watch. It's a good plan, but Trace has a dominant personality and is accustomed to being in charge. He's not used to (and hates) the role of defeated and enslaved user. So he needs some fluffing (which the winners graciously help to provide) and even then, he has some difficulties, which I'm sure was even more humiliating for him, especially when the girls make fun of him for it.

Violet takes Trace deep while Helena fondles her tits from behind while Pearle grabs a cellphone to document the proceedings. Helena makes Violet eat her pussy while getting fucked as Pearle offers helpful advice and lee's filming with her cellphone. Finally, deciding to up the humiliation even further, the winners strap the cock gag to Trace's face before ordering him to lie on his back while ordering Violet to squat on his face and fuck herself with the dildo protruding from Trace's mouth, her ass right in his face. The winners taunt, fondle nipples, and play with Trace's cock and balls. Violet can't help but fondle her clit as she bounces up and down on Trace's face...