Strip Ring Toss with Mika, Julie, Leilani, and Sammy

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Two-two-two games in one! The girls are going to play Ring Toss, but first they're going to play a quick game of high card, sudden death style, where whoever loses the first round loses everything. She has to strip completely naked, and then she has to hold the stick that the other girls are going to try to throw rings over. Except it's not a stick, it's a dildo. And she has to hold it in her pussy, contorting her body on the couch to keep it upright

Don't worry too much about her, though: she gets her chance for revenge. The other three girls take turns tossing rings at the dildo, and whoever gets the lowest score has to take something off. They keep playing until two girls are naked, and then the dildo-holder gets to give the losers both an old-fashioned bare-handed over-the-knee spanking. Except she decides to get creative and throw something else in the mix...