Strip Torange with Dylan, Geneva, and Sassy

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When I first met 21-year-old Geneva, she’d never appeared naked on camera before. But she seemed intrigued (and a little nervous) by the prospect, so I talked her into joining us. She’s a pint-sized 4’11”, just the way I like them. That’s about 150 cm, for those of you in countries with sane measurement systems. She’s also a little on the pudgy side (although certainly no BBW} which is also just the way I like them. A little padding makes for a smoother ride. She’s a real person, through and through. And she’s got nice big breasts. For this shy newbie’s first-ever time risking nudity on camera, I pitted her against two of our most experienced, most outgoing, most enthusiastic players, Sassy and Dylan, recently voted as Most Likely To Eat a Newbie Alive. Geneva definitely got more than she bargained for. This is the first game they played that day, and as usual, I tried to ease the newbie into it with a relatively tame forfeit. This didn’t stop the veterans from taunting and teasing her.

The game was Strip Torange, although the girls play a little fast and loose with the rules. Geneva stars off doing well, but as soon as she loses her shirt, Dylan starts crowing about “newbie boobies” and grabbing them through her bra. This makes her nervous enough that she totally chokes on the category “vegetables” and loses more clothing as a result as the other girls continue to taunt her. And she loses again because she forgets to press the button, exposing still more of her skin.

The loser gets completely covered in a very large bottle of baby oil, and the winners get to rub it in. The winners strip off their remaining clothes to protect them from the oil, and it’s a good thing, too, since as often happens with this kind of forfeit, the oil-soaked loser gives the winners some big hugs. The oil is pretty cold, and despite one of the winner’s assurances to the loser, baby oil is not water-based. Sheesh.

After the loser is thoroughly oil-soaked, there’s a 5-minute shower scene where she tries to get clean. The winners helpfully assist the loser in scrubbing herself.