Strip Bender with Sassy and Amber

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As I write this, the American Midwest is suffering from a terrible cold snap, with record-low temperatures that rival Siberia’s and are hovering somewhere around ball-freezing level. If you’re currently suffering these conditions, I feel for you. But hey, at least you don’t have to stand stark naked outside in the arctic blast, right? At least you’re better off than the unlucky loser of this game of Strip Bender, who has to do just that.

Sassy and Belle square off on the mat of multi-colored dots. (Julie was there too but she wasn’t feeling well so she was excused.

Out she goes, for a full minute nude in the cold. This was filmed at a residential hotel, and it’s quite possible she was seen as she frantically danced and shivered to try to keep warm. She came it with a couple of glass-cutters on her chest. Julie may not have felt well enough to play, but she was well enough to give the loser’s ass a healthy smack as she dashed past.