Strip Air Hockey with Fern and Jerome vs. Serengeli and Jelly

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Here’s a blast from the past featuring three girls I’ve gotten a lot of requests to see more of, plus a dude I’ve gotten fewer requests for. Young amateurs Fern and Jerome take on two other young amateurs, Jelly, and Serengeti in a game of Team Air Hockey. When a team scores a goal, they get to pick an opposing player and tell them what to take off. It’s a fun game with a fun group, but as usual, the players are way too nice, trying to “keep it even”, and not making the losers take off their most revealing piece of clothing. And the two girls seemed to have more interest in seeing the other girl naked than the guy. So at first, there isn’t much skin, until one girl reveals that she’s braless when she’s ordered to take off her shirt. From then on, it’s tits, tits, tits, as the girls strive to get each other topless.

After the 14-minute game, the losers have to go outside while the winners order them to perform several exercises. Unfortunately, the neighbors were out and occasionally looking over, so I had to send the girls out in tiny bikinis rather than naked. They’re really tiny, though. One is made of totally see-through white mesh, with small black panels to cover the nipples and pussy. The other has cutouts all over that make it possible to see every curve of the breast.

Another problem with having amateurs boss other amateurs around is that, again, they tend to be too nice to make the losers really stretch their limits. It starts with one loser flat-out refusing to wrestle the other, which the winners let slide. Then there are some jumping jacks, arm circles, and crunches. One of the losers claims she can’t do even a single push-up and proves it with a valiant but futile effort. Then the other loser totally shows her up by pumping like a Marine and turning in an impressive 15 push-ups. The losers finish with some running in place, after which they collapse to the grass with exhaustion. One of the loser’s breasts slips out from her skimpy top, leaving her partially exposed, though she doesn’t notice.