Battlestrip with Julie, Elizabeth, and Lily

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Wow, we haven't seen these three together in quite a long time. Here they are to play Battlestrip. Standard rules, the smaller ships are the more intimate articles of clothing.

So how do you play Battlestrip with three players? Two against one... Julie vs. Elizabeth and Lily as a team. With a bit of a twist: whenever a girl (or girls) lose a piece of clothing, they have to stand in front of the camera, strip, and do a twirl. It's hot.

Unfortunately I shot this before I realized that Battlestrip is way too long unless you restrict the size of the board, so... the game is way too long, clocking in at 19 minutes.

As for the other 11 minutes, about half involve the winner (or winners) spraying whipped cream and very cold chocolate sauce over the torso (or torsos) of the loser (or losers), and the rest is a very nice shower scene as the loser (or losers) clean up... and even the winner (or winners) get involved, because she (or they) managed to get splattered a bit too.

You can check out a . Just before the shower, by the way, one of the girls accidentally calls another of the girls by... well, by a name she shouldn't have used. I bleeped it, but I think the victim's reaction is priceless. As another aside, if you're a fan of feet, I tried to give you a few nice shots. Let me know what you think.