Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor with Mouna, Kylie, Addie, Ashley, and Selah

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Presenting a long-lost episode from several years ago. Selah, Ashley, Addie, Mouna, and Kylie get together to play a game of Strip Screw-Your-Neighbor. These include a couple of our most experienced players. Addie made her first appearance all the way back in Episode 018, which was our first episode available in high-definition. Ashley, though, goes even further back, appearing in our second clip ever, Episode 002. She’s since been in nearly 50 episodes, and we were so lucky to have her. She’s since retired and this is one of the last opportunities we’ll have to see her. If she reads this: we miss you, Ash.

The losers engage in a Syblian race, with each girl controlling the other’s machine, trying to make her cum while resisting her own orgasm. The ultimate loser then has to open her pussy wide with a speculum so we can all get a good look at her freshly-orgasmed cunt. The girls giggle as they lower themselves onto the protruding latex cocks. One of them has a pussy piercing that gives her some trouble. She tries tucking it away inside her lips but the vibrations wriggle it free and it bounces and jiggles and dances. (The same girl, by the way, has some pretty bad razor burn. She should maybe consider waxing.

Unfortunately, I have to say that in my opinion, the Sybian race wasn’t very good. As anyone who’s ever tried to get a girl off with a vibrator knows, you can’t just start off at full power. Too much too soon desensitizes her and she’ll barely feel it. I’d expect these two, being female, to know this. But the minute they climb aboard, they both turn the Sybians on full blast, making their powerful motors roar. Soon both girls are complaining that they can’t really feel much. Go figure. But after a while, the relentless vibrations begin to have their effect. One of the girls gets dripping wet, and finally, at the 31-minute mark, Moana can’t take it anymore and spasms in orgasm.

The winner gloats and inserts the speculum into the loser. Or least tries to, but at first, she holds it the wrong way, horizontally instead of vertically. (I’d expect a woman to be well aware of a pussy’s orientation, so again, go figure.) Once it’s in place, the loser is spread wide and the winner gets a camera to capture some nice close-ups. The other winners are gathered behind her, so she swivels the viewfinder so they can get a better look. They crowd around to see even better, as the loser sits helplessly to stop them from looking all they want.