Strip Freeze with Leilani, Nettle, and Endza

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This one’s a little different and fulfills a fan request. Endza, Nettles, and Leilani are only wearing three pieces of clothing, but they actually have five including two “virtual” garments. The first time a girl loses, she has to take off her first article of clothing. The second time she loses, she has to take off her second, leaving her in just panties. The third time she loses, she keeps her panties, but the other two get to give her a powerful wedgie. The fourth time, the other two give her a front wedgie. The fifth time, she finally loses her panties and ends up stark naked, maybe with sore asses and pussies.

The game is Strip Freeze, which begins after Nettle’s somewhat awkward intro. If a girl lands in the red and loses, she has to strip. If she lands in the green and wins, she gets to pick one of the other girls to strip. As is usually the case with a rule like that, the girls try to “keep it even” by choosing whoever has the most clothing left. This is a terrible strategy for winning but works great to expose more skin.

The winners get to oil up the loser and then paddle her. Soon she’s got a shiny body and pussy, and hard shiny nipples. The loser actually blushes, which is great. The loser is no stranger to the camera, and yet she’s embarrassed. I love it when I can do that. After she’s thoroughly oiled, an outcome of the paddles and the winners start with many light swats. The loser’s ass jiggles and the winners giggle. Then they move on to harder smacks. Initially, they were going to do ten swats, but they can’t resist going over. It ends with the winners admiring their handiwork: the loser’s glowing red ass.