Strip Whipped Cream Race with Kylie and Addie ft. Ashley, Conor, Mouna, and Richard

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So here’s some of my deft marketing skills: this episode sucks. Seriously. The game is terrible, and the forfeit is nearly painful. It’s the worst two-on-one forfeit I’ve ever seen. There is one reason and one reason only to buy this clip: it is probably the last chance we’ll have to see Ashley, Addie, and Mouna, three of our most popular girls. It’ll also definitely your last chance to see Kylie if for some reason you want to. I’m not going to bother hiding the spoiler: she loses, and she sucks, and not in a good way.

Let’s start with the game: Whipped Cream Race. The two losers of the last game start off naked, and their bare tits are covered with whipped cream, which the other two girls have to lick off. Whoever finishes last is the loser, who gets taken by Richard and Conor. It’s not a bad idea, but we should have had the girls lie on their backs rather than standing since the cream had a hard time staying on. There was no way of making sure that each girl got the same amount of cream, and no fair way of determining the winner. Plus, Addie is lactose-intolerant, so we let her spit rather than swallow, which put her at an unfair advantage.

But hey, you get to see two hot girls getting their tits licked by one hot girl and one trailer trainwreck.

The game lasts all of 3 minutes. The nominal loser was Kylie, but if you ask me, the real losers were Richard and Conor. Poor bastards. This 13-minute video was cut down from over 40 minutes of raw footage, most of which involved the guys frantically trying to get themselves aroused for this skank. She starts by giving Richard a bad blowjob while Conor fucks her from behind, closes his eyes, and does it for Old Glory. As Kylie’s ass jiggles like a lava lamp, the BJ becomes her just holding Richard's flaccid penis firmly between her pursed lips. Not only is she really bad at sex, but she’s also got some bad tattoos. She’s got a whole section of Halloween-themed tattoos, including a bat, a jack-o-lantern, and a witch in a graveyard with broomsticks. There’s a spider on her shoulder, but I think it’s unrelated. She also has a Bettie Page lookalike riding what I think is supposed to be a rocket but looks like a vibrator with a lightbulb on top. I smell major regrets in her old age if she makes it that far.

During the time the dudes were trying to get hard, Mouna fluffed Richard with an expert blowjob. Kylie could take lessons from her. The footage is included for anyone who wants to see Mouna with a dick in her mouth, which I think is just about everyone. It ends with Conor’s penis begrudgingly squirting on Kylie’s back. Ashley cheers and somebody else says it was “hot”, but I’m 99% sure they were both being sarcastic.